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Is My House Haunted? Find Out With This Quiz!

Is your home a bit spooky? Take this quiz and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  October 5th 2022

Every house tends to creak and make the occasional noise for no apparent reason, but it doesn't mean you have a ghost problem.

To put your mind at ease, we've teamed up with some made-up ghost specialists to create a quiz to make sure your house isn't a spooky Halloween festival all the year round..

Are you ready? Good luck!

1/20 A man who's wide awake during the night

When you're drifting off to sleep, do you hear odd crunching sounds?

2/20 A spooky shadow on the wall

Do you see strange shadows on your bedroom wall?

3/20 A pile of comics moving around in a hallway

Do comics seem to move around on their own?

4/20 A budgie looking away from a mirror

Have you ever seen a mysterious figure in your mirrors?

5/20 The word pizza written on a bathroom mirror

Has a message ever appeared on your bathroom mirror?

6/20 A person trying to keep warm in a cold house

Are there any cold places in random parts of your home?

7/20 A man watching a scary movie

Have you seen people move in photos on your mantlepiece?

8/20 A man listening to something

Have you ever heard a person laughing in the middle of the night?

9/20 Light switch being turned off and on
@123pingu | Giphy

Do your lights turn on and off for no reason?

10/20 Frankenstein's monster near a graveyard

Is your home near a graveyard?

11/20 A full moon

Does there always seem to be a full moon outside your house?

12/20 A dog peering from behind a door

Have you ever heard a knock on the door and discovered there was no-one there?

13/20 A haunted house

Does your house ever get sunlight?

14/20 A board game

When you play a board game, do pieces move on their own?

15/20 A ghost surrounded by chains

Have you ever heard chains clanking during the middle of the night?

16/20 A haunted house and a smiling bat

Do you people tend to run past your house when it's dark?

17/20 A cat sits on a kitchen floor pleading for food, even though you've just fed it

Does your cat ever sit and just stare at the wall for no particular reason?

18/20 Someone made a smell

Have you ever been blamed for a bad smell and you know it wasn't you?

19/20 A ghost at a misted window

Do figures appear at your window and start blowing raspberries?

20/20 A pumpkin and a dog

Is your garden covered in autumn leaves all the year round?


Your house is: TOTALLY HAUNTED!

I think you should call a priest or at least write a letter telling any ghosts in the house to politely go away. That should do it!

Your house is: QUITE HAUNTED!

Your house is: QUITE HAUNTED!

There's a fair bit of ghostly activity but these supernatural visitors only want to play FIFA.

Your house is: A BIT HAUNTED!

Your house is: A BIT HAUNTED!

There might be a ghost that visits your house, but they're very friendly and just fancy some biscuits.

Your house is: NOT HAUNTED!

Your house is: NOT HAUNTED!

Everything's fine. The bump you heard in the night was just a cat wandering around.