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Top 15 Fun Facts About Jason Derulo

What do donut burgers, ballet and tinned fish have in common? Jason Derulo, that's what!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  November 30th 2021

1. Derulo is the short version

His full surname is Desrouleaux - which is actually be pronounced exactly the same as Derulo. It's just a bit easier to spell!

@jasonderulo | instagram

2. He started young

Jason wrote his first song, Crush on You, at only 8 years old! He says he knew he wanted to be a popstar from that early on, too.

@jasonderulo | instagram

3. He started off as a songwriter

Lots of other artists start off as performers, but Jason has always been writing his own original material. From his first song at 8 years old, he soon began studying music and by the time he was 16 he was already writing songs for other people!

@jasonderulo | instagram

4. He's really good at dancing

Well we all knew that! This is because he trained for many years, in lots of different styles. You might not see all these styles in his music videos, but Jason has studied ballet, jazz and tap dancing!

5. His dancing has got him in trouble before

He's so keen to dance that once he attempted to do a flip during rehearsals for a show. Unfortunately he timed it wrong and ended up badly injuring his neck. He's alright now though! Phew!

@jasonderulo | giphy

6. He loves canned tuna

Jason swears by tuna as a way to build up muscle. It's clearly working for him too, as he's got quite a six pack. We don't know what he thinks of other types of tinned fish though - maybe he yams down tins of pilchards for his leg muscles? Or sardines for his shoulders? Tell us your fishy secrets, Jason!

7. He used to play basketball

In fact, basketball was a big deal for Jason. Not only did he love playing it at school, but it was his basketball coach who first introduced him to some music industry people. And the rest as they say, is basketball. No, wait - history.

@nba | giphy

8. Madame Armpit

Jason has a waxworks in Madame Tussauds, and when he went to visit it he was really impressed by... how accurate the armpit hair was!

9. He posts weird food videos on Tik Tok

Jason is obsessed with making super-sweet snacks on Tik Tok. Sometimes they look nice - other times totally gross. Take this giant doughnut burger for example - it's a huuuuge burger with onions and the rest, but with doughnuts instead of bread. Buuuh.

@jasonderulo | twitter

10. Millimeals

In fact, even time Jason gets another million followers on Tik Tok, he posts another ridiculous cooking video. For his 40 million followers "millimeal" he made some kind of cake thing out of fried marshmallows, gummi worms, chocolate, crisps, popcorn and loads of other things. It ended up exactly how you'd imagine - a big gloopy mess!

@jasonderulo | tiktok

11. Jason once knocked a tooth out...

By trying to eat corn on the cob attached to a drill! Aggh! Do not do this by the way, it's really dangerous!

12. He played Rum Tum Tugger in Cats

Yep - the live action version! Taylor Swift was in it too!

@catsmovie | giphy

13. His biggest inspiration was Michael Jackson

And MJ's "Thriller" was the first record he ever bought!

14. His pet dogs are a big help around the house

Jason loves his dogs Ice and Ghost. Not only does he say they've be great to have around during lockdown, but he also regularly posts videos of himself working out with his prize pooches!

So they're like his... pawsonal trainers?

15. Gordon Ramsay approved of his lava cake

Jason fancies himself as a chef, but got the ultimate seal of approval when celeb chef Gordon Ramsay tried his gooey lava cake. Gordon loved it! Phew!