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This Jenna Ortega Quiz Isn't Just For Wednesdays!

Are you a fan of this awesome actor? Test your knowledge and find out how much you really know about Jenna Ortega in this spooky TV quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 27th 2023

You might know her from her career on the Disney channel, a bunch of different music videos... Oh, or that Wednesday show she was in! That Jenna Ortega does seem to be doing well for herself... but how closely have you been paying attention?

Test how much you know about this amazing actor with this TV-tastic quiz!

1/10 A camera operator

How old was Jenna when she started acting?


Jenna genuinely did one of these weird hobbies as a child. Which one?

3/10 A family watching Disney +

Jenna was Disney's first... what?


Jenna is pescatarian. What does that mean?


She's published a book! What's it called?


What Disney show was her big break?


Which Marvel movie does she appear in really briefly? She plays a really small role in it!


Her family are originally from... where?

Wednesday | MGM | Tim Burton Productions | Netflix

Jenna could play the cello BEFORE she acted in Wednesday. True or false?


Who came up with her famous dance?

Result: uh oh
Wednesday | MGM | Tim Burton Productions | Netflix

Bah! Too bad! This is a pretty low score... never mind. Clearly you're not that much of a fan of Jenna's? Is that right? Either way... we have two options from here. You can try this quiz again, or have a go at a different one! Simple! What's it gonna be, then?

Result: not bad
Wednesday | MGM | Tim Burton Productions | Netflix

Nicely done! You know loads about Jenna Ortega! This is a pretty good score, but we'll be honest... you did miss a few right answers. Fancy having another go and seeing if you can beat this score?

Result: nice work
Wednesday | MGM | Tim Burton Productions | Netflix

Fantastic score! Jenna doesn't look TOO pleased about this... but she wouldn't when she's playing Wednesday! Either way though, this is an excellent score - you should be proud of yourself! You didn't quite get full marks, but never mind. If you want to try and beat this score on a different TV quiz, we have loads more to try!

Result: high score
Wednesday | MGM | Tim Burton Productions | Netflix

Amazing! You know loads about Jenna Ortega! Great job! This is the perfect score! Well done, now... can you match this 10/10 on a different TV quiz? Let's find out!