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The Karate Kid Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Do you know your Cat-rate from your Karate? Do you know the difference between a Karate chop and a pork chop? Find out here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 28th 2022

The Karate Kid is a great story of overcoming struggle and finding inner peace. But it's also an amazing story about how even the smallest of us can learn to leap around and kick through wooden blocks like they were made of paper. Kapow! So let's get to it and test your knowledge of these cool films with our Karate Kid Quiz!


Where is Karate from?


What martial art is in the original 1984 film?


In the 2010 version, where does Dre move to?

Columbia Pictures | Jerry Weintraub | Harald Zwart

What is the Kung-Fu teacher's name?

Columbia Pictures | Jerry Weintraub | Harald Zwart

Who plays Mr Han?


What style of Kung-Fu does Dre see at the Dragon Temple?

Columbia Pictures | Jerry Weintraub | Harald Zwart

Who plays Dre in the 2010 version?


What is the Karate Master's name in the original film?


What is the highest belt in Karate?


What does the word 'Karate' mean?

Oh no, it's time you went back to training! But don't worry, practice makes perfect - it's not like you can become a karate superstar over night!

Not bad - but I think you can do better! It's time to get back to the dojo and practice those chops! You'll be competing with the best before you know it - keep up the hard work!

Excellent! You're the real deal! Your training has really been paying off, you've listened to the lessons of the Karate masters and come out very nearly on top. Just a bit more training and you'll be the master yourself!

Amazing You're not the karate-kid anymore, you're the karate-adult! Congratulations, you've scored a top score and it is probably time you took on your own apprentice - you've got all the answers, it's time to teach the next generation of karate kids!