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Doki! Doki! It's A Kawaii Aesthetic Quiz!

Being Kawaii is more than just being cute, so how Kawaii are YOU?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 16th 2022

Kawaii is a way of life, it's a style, a fashion and a way of looking at the world. A lot of how we show the big wide world that we’re more kawaii than the person that works in the supermarket is by showing of our aesthetics! Clothes X vibe = aesthetic. Simple right? So let’s find out how kawaii YOU are!


What is your favourite colour?


Which animal has the best ears?


What is your dream job?


You’re late for school, what do you do?


It’s raining, what do you take outside with you?


Which is your favourite season?


What do you like in your sushi?


When do you wake up in the morning?


There is a magical crab offering you a wish, what do you wish for?


How do you take your tea?

Not Very Kawaii

Alright, you’re pretty low on the scale of kawaii, you prefer the darker colours, and if you were a season of the year you might be closer to autumn or winter than spring or summer! Bright colours and big bunny ears simply aren’t your thing, but there’s nothing wrong with that!

Quite Kawaii

Nice! You’re a lot more kawaii than the local postie, and if you had to choose between big fluffy shoes and some old brogues from the charity shop you’d probably have to take a while deciding! You’re approximately 25% more kawaii than average, which is pretty neat!

Very Kawaii

Cool! You’re about 50% more kawaii than most people! The choices you make are often the cutest choices. For you, it’s important to be kawaii, but it’s also important to be a little bit boring sometimes - but you’ve always got one little kawaii accessory on you! Even during exams!

Super Kawaii!

Epic, being kawaii is the world to you! Every choice you make, every decision is based on how kawaii you think it is. Cuteness rules everything around you, and that’s no laughing matter. From the bright pink and blue fluffy shoes to your collection of cat ears, its kawaii or nothing! Great stuff!