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Which Keeping Up Appearances Character Are You?

Are you a Hyacinth or Daisy, a Richard or Onslow? If you love this classic British sitcom, then you need to take this personality quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 10th 2022

If you've ever switched on the TV, then there's a 98% chance that you've seen an episode of Keeping Up Appearances. It's a classic sitcom about Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced bouquet) and her husband Richard, who try to give the impression that they're very refined and fancy – but things tend to backfire when they try too hard!

Find out which character you're most like by taking this very serious, very scientific quiz! Older grownups in your family should take test this too!

1/10 Someone peeking through blinds

You hear a noise in the street. What do you do?

2/10 A big dinner

You've decided to make a meal for someone you admire. What do you cook?

3/10 Blackpool Pleasure Beach

You decide to have a day out. Where do you go?

4/10 A rusty old car and a cat

A rusty old car has been parked outside your house. How do you react?

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5/10 Pick a holiday!

6/10 An old-fashioned telephone

How do you answer the phone?

7/10 A birthday cake

You've decided to throw a birthday party. What's the theme?

8/10 Christmas house lights

It's Christmas so it's time to bring out the decorations. How will your home look?

9/10 A fancy art gallery

You want to buy a painting for the living room. Where will you look for one?

10/10 A violinist
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What sort of music do you listen to?

Result: Hyacinth Bucket


Your surname is Bucket, but because you want to give people the impression you're extra fancy, you pronounce it bouquet. And if anyone tries to walk into your house without removing their shoes, then you're extremely quick to point out the error of their ways in a very loud voice.

Result: Richard Bucket


You are patient and quite laid back, considering you're married to Hyacinth! If there was ever a person who goes with the flow, it would be you. You spend a lot of time keeping your Rover car in immaculate condition, but that might be to give yourself a few moment's peace.

Result: Daisy

You are: DAISY

You love to lose yourself in a good book and love a night in front of the telly. You're kind and happy-go-lucky and never hesitate to help someone out!

Result: Onslow

You are: ONSLOW

Oh, nice! You love a night in front of the telly every day of the week and never say no to a bag of crisps. When the idea of doing anything gets too much, it's best to grab the remote and watch something until that thought passes.