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10 Question LDShadowlady Among Us Quiz

How much do you know about LDShadowlady and her gaming? Take this ultimate quiz and find out if you're her biggest fan, or if you shouldn't be among us!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 23rd 2022

It's time to see how much your know about awesome YouTuber and gamer LDShadowlady! If you liked this, there's loads more YouTuber quizzes here! Why not try and beat this Hardest Norris Nuts Quiz? Or see how much you know about fellow gamer Wilbur Soot with this Trivia Quiz? There's even a Dream SMP Quiz if you think you're good enough!

1/10 Birthday cake with question marks

When is her birthday?

2/10 LDShadowLady
LDShadowLady | YouTube

What sort of thing does she do on YouTube?

3/10 LDShadowLady
LDShadowLady | YouTube

What's her real name?

4/10 LDShadowLady
LDShadowLady | YouTube

Does she have any pets?

5/10 LDShadowLady roblox
LDShadowLady | YouTube

Where is she from?

6/10 LDShadowLady
LDShadowLady | YouTube

True or false: She is lactose intolerant?

7/10 LDShadowLady
LDShadowLady | YouTube

What's her husband's username?

8/10 LDShadowLady and partner
LDShadowLady | YouTube

What was her female gaming group called?

9/10 LDShadowLady playing Among Us
LDShadowLady | YouTube

How many subs does she have on her first YouTube channel?

10/10 Among US
Among Us | Inner Sloth LLC

What is her name on Among Us?

Yass result

Incredible! You know LDShadowlady so well you could be her twin! You've obviously spent a lot of time watching her videos, we know a true fan when we see one! Well done! Go watch another one as a reward!

Nice result

Nice job! You must be a big fan of LDShadowLady! It's easy to see someone loves all things LDShadowLady!

Try again result

Not bad, but you can do better! Have another go and see if you learned anything new about LDShadowLady during the quiz! Good luck!

Oh no result

Uh oh, looks like you're totally clueless when it comes to LDShadowLady! Maybe you're thinking of The Shadows, the 50s rock band? No? Well, luckily this is just a great excuse to go and watch lots more LDShadowLady! Have another go and see if you can improve! We believe in you!