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The Hardest Norris Nuts Quiz!

Are you a Norris Nuts know-all? Prove it by taking the toughest quiz ever!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 8th 2021

There are easy quizzes which you can breeze right through and answer lots of questions correctly without much fuss. Then there are really hard quizzes which require more thought and maybe a dash of luck.

How much do you know about the Australian YouTuber family Norris Nuts? Why not take this quiz and see if you're a total legend or not!

1/10 Justin Norris on TV
Channel 7

Dad Justin has won an Olympic bronze medal for swimming. But at which Olympics?

2/10 The Australian flag

In which Australian city was Charm born?

3/10 The star signs in the sky

What star sign is mum Brooke?

4/10 Two people appearing in a Norris Nuts video
Norris Nuts Clips | YouTube

The Norris' grandma Flizzy joined the kids to play a video game. What was it?

5/10 Pringles challenge
Norris Nuts Do Stuff | YouTube

Which of the following is NOT a Norris Nuts YouTube episode?

6/10 A giant teddy bear in a home gym
The Norris Nuts | YouTube

Which episode did this huge teddy bear appear in?

@sabrenorris | Instagram

What is Sabre's middle name?

8/10 Naz Norris
The Norris Nuts | YouTube

What did Naz receive for her ninth birthday?

9/10 Sockie and Biggy
@sockie.norris | Instagram

What colour eyes does Biggy have?

10/10 Sabre Norris at the X Games
X Games | YouTube

What medal did Sabre win at the X Games in 2018?

Oh no
@sockie.norris | Instagram

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Good try
Norris Nuts Do Stuff | Youtube

Good try! We said it wasn't easy! Why not have another go soon?

Great work

Great work! You know a lot about the Norris family!


Legend! A perfect score!