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Easiest General Knowledge Quiz!

There's no way you won't score full marks in this super easy quiz!

Easiest General Knowledge Quiz!

1/8 Crocodile

What animal is this?

2/8 Map with question mark

Which of these countries is NOT part of the UK?

3/8 Child with abacus

What's 63 divided by 7

4/8 Bread

Where would you buy bread?

5/8 Stamp with question mark

Who appears on British stamps?

6/8 Lego Batman

What animal does Batman dress up as?

7/8 Ostrich

What type of animal is this?

8/8 Paris

What city is this?

Amazing result

Well done! You managed to do really well on this easy quiz! Phew! 

Well done result

Nice work, you did pretty well on the quiz – but surely you can do even better?

Try again result

I know you can do better than this! I believe in you! 

Oh no result

Uh oh….let's just pretend this never happened and you can take the quiz again, I won't tell anyone. 

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