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LDShadowlady & Roblox Quiz!

Find out how much you know about LDShadowlady and her OTHER favourite game! Click here to try this blockbusting Roblox quiz challenge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 30th 2022

Lizzie might be more well-known for Minecraft, but that doesn't mean she's not great fun to watch playing Roblox too! Have you seen all her Roblox videos? You'll have to if you want to get full marks on this epic gaming quiz!

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What is Lizzie's Roblox account name? Hint - it's got something to do with the North of Russia!

@LDShadowlady | Youtube

In which Roblox game does Lizzie have to run away from death penguins, minions and giant fruit?


Shadowcraft is a Roblox series. True or false?

@LDShadowlady | Youtube

Guess the title of this video!

@LDShadowlady | Youtube

Where does Lizzie end up at the end of her Mermaid vs Bear video?

@LDShadowlady | Youtube

What's special about this elevator?

@LDShadowlady | Youtube

What's going on in this picture?


Lizzie is most famous for her Roblox videos. True or false?

@LDShadowlady | Youtube

Guess the title from this pic!

@LDShadowlady | Youtube

Where is this American Football field?

@LDShadowlady | Instagram

Noooo! Oh dear! This isn't ideal. Well, never mind - plenty more quizzes where this one came from! Can we tempt you with another one?

@LDShadowlady | Instagram

Not bad! Lizzie's doesn't look too pleased with this result, but we think you did pretty well! Fancy another go? We have plenty of other Roblox quizzes!

@LDShadowlady | Instagram

Great work! This is a good score - Lizzie would be proud! Do you reckon you could beat this on a different quiz? There's only one way to find out!

@LDShadowlady | Instagram

YESSS! You nailed this quiz! Clearly the only thing better than your Roblox knowledge... is your LDShadowlady knowledge! Impressive!