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LDShadowlady & Sims 4 Quiz!

Have you been watching LDShadowlady play this awesome game? Find out how much you remember with this SIM-ply epic Youtube quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 30th 2022

Are you a fan of LDShadowlady? And are you a fan of the Sims? If you answered yes to those questions then this is the quiz for you! We hope you've been paying attention though, because some of these questions are pretty tricky!

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@ldshadowlady | youtube

What's the name of this family?


What do the Fudge Family do at the start of Episode 2 of Let's Play Sims 4, Hamburger Cake?

@ldshadowlady | youtube

What's the name of this video from LDShadowlady's channel?

@Ldshadowlady | instagram

There are more than 20 series of Let's Play Sims on LDShadowlady's channel. True or false?

@ldshadowlady | youtube

What series is this house from?

@ldshadowlady | youtube

Whats the name of the older character on the right?

@ldshadowlady | youtube

What spooky character is in this series?

@ldshadowlady | youtube

What video is this... interesting character from?

@ldshadowlady | youtube

In "Weird pet creations", Lizzie makes a regular cat look like this famous moggy. Who is it?

@ldshadowlady | youtube

Who's the Disney Princess on the left?

@ldshadowlady | instagram

Bah! Well, this is awkward! Looks like your LDShadowlady know-how could use a little spruce up! Never mind. Can you get a better score on a different Youtuber quiz?

@ldshadowlady | instagram

Not bad! Some of these questions were tricky, too! You can probably do a tiny bit better though - fancy having another go? Or seeing if you can get a higher score on a different quiz?

@ldshadowlady | instagram

Good work! You definitely know your stuff! You just missed out on the top spot though - can you work out what went wrong? Let's see if you can get a high score on a different Youtuber quiz!

@ldshadowlady | instagram

Wahoo! Amazing work! High score over here! You really do know your stuff and there's no tripping you up with trick questions when it comes to LDShadowlady! Right, now... if ony there were other quizzes you could have a go at...