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20 Sims Jokes (in English Not Simlish)

Looking for some SIMply hilarious puns?

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 12th 2021

Look no further than Beano's best Sims jokes - we've got a few gems (and diamonds)!

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How do you know a sim is telling the truth?

When they're being sim-cere!

What should you do when your sim is too small?


What do sims have to pay for spelling books?


What do you call identical twin sims?


Doctor, doctor! My sim has caught fire!


What do you call a very silly sim?

A SIMpleton!

Why couldn't the sim go to the toilet?

There were too many pixels in the way!

What's a sim's favourite TV show?

The Sim-psons!

Why are sims always grumpy?

They're pes-SIM-ists!

What do you call a sim who's bad at golf?

A diamond in the rough!

What's a sim's favourite animal?

A meerkat...SIMples!

What is that sim doing in a hot tub?


What playground game do little sims play?

SIMon says!

Why did the gamer go to Church?

She had simmed!

What do you get if you introduce 7 sims to the grim reaper?

The 7 deadly sims!

How do sims pay for new gadgets?

With sim cards!

What do you call slender sims?


How do you know sims are rich?

They all have green diamonds!

Doctor, doctor! My sim keeps gaining weight!

Did you add an expansion pack?

Why should you spend all your Sims time on the creation screen?

It's character building!

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