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EA Jokes

Looking for some giggle-worthy gaming gags? These EA jokes are hilarious on every level!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 14th 2023

Are you a fan of FIFA? Madden? Battlefront? There are loads of games made by EA, and lots of reasons to have a chuckle at this well-known gaming company! Whatever you think of EA you're bound to find a gag to make even the grumpiest gamer giggle! Read on and find out for yourself!

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I asked my friend what she thought of EA’s micro transaction policy

She said she didn’t buy it!

Did you hear the one about EA sports?

For the rest of the joke you need to pay $4.99!

Why is EA the worst gaming company in America?

Because Ubisoft is in France!

What Does EA Call A Patch?

Next year’s game!

What do you call someone who protests against EA Sports?


If you're a criminal and you go camping with EA, you must bring something to sleep in

or they'll make you pay for the extra con tent!

What did EA do after everyone started criticising it?

It tried to console itself!

EA is now offering "deferred-payment microtransactions"

They're called E.A.I.O.U's!

Why are people complaining, what EA did was great!

I mean, you've got to give them credit!

This is an EA joke

Oops, I rushed it and left out the good part!

Why doesn’t EA let your pet dog play FIFA?

Because it’s a boxer!

Why did the EA executive cross the road?

Buy the DLC to find out! Alternate ending available if you purchase the season pass!

What do you call a whistleblower at EA’s FIFA department?

A referee!

A referee's whistle

What do Apple and EA have in common?

Unlock the punchline now for just $99!

What do you call a console collaboration by Sony and EA?

A Paystation!


Did you hear about EA’s new cat simulator game?

You have 9 lives!

How do you know it’s EA’s birthday party?

There are loads of streamers!

Cake Jokes
Cake Jokes

Why did EA make a pirate FIFA game?

They wanted to encourage good sportsman ship!

Did you hear about EA taking over Nintendo?

Their new game is gonna be called ‘Pay-per Mario’!

What do you call Battlefront without EA?