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45 Big Nose Jokes for Kids Which Are Snot Funny!

PICK your favourite funny big nose joke here!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 27th 2023

It's time to sniff out some hilarious big nose jokes! 

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Did you hear the joke about the person with the big nose who disappeared when they sneezed

It's based on atchoo story!

How would you describe someone who tells nose jokes all day?

Someone with a big scents of humour!

Did you hear the joke about the big nose?

It's snot funny!

My friend was accused of lying about how big their nose became when they sneezed...

They were blowing it out of proportion!

I asked my friend if he ever thought about how a big nose would smell...

He said they don't!

Nose Jokes

I was baptised by a vicar wearing a big fake nose and sunglasses...

It was a blessing in disguise!

What did Dr. Frankenstein say when Pinocchio's nose started to grow? 

"It's a lie!"

A scientist wearing a big glove

What did the big nose say to the finger?

Stop picking on me!

What does a nosey chilli pepper do?

Gets jalapeño business!

A man eating hot chilli peppers

What you call a person with a big runny nose on top of Everest?

A mountain slimer!

Pinocchio hated his nose…

It grew on him!

What comes out a big nose at 200 miles per hour?

A Lambo-greenie!

Did you hear about the big nosed florist?

They smelled a bunch of flowers and they disappeared!

I tried to feed my pet aardvark some ants today...

He turned his nose up!

What do you always find inside a big nose?

Hand prints!

Who wrote The Big Nose Joke Book?

Hank E. Chief!

Did you hear that Pinocchio's nose has started working in reverse?

Huge, if true!

A man developing a Pinocchio nose

Why did the snowman have a big nose?

They picked it themselves!

Did you hear about the person who almost won the biggest snottiest nose competition?

They blew it in the final round!

What do you call a man with a big nose who can predict the future?


What do you give a sailor with a big nose and a cold?

An anchor chief!

Why was the big nose exhausted?

It had been running all day!

Why did the big nose feel sad at football practice?

It didn't get picked!

Pinocchio’s nose grew every time he went to sleep...

It’s probably because he was lying for hours!

Why do horses have big nostrils?

So they can pick their nose with their hooves!

Why are elephant's noses so big?

So they can scratch their bums!

What's the best thing about being an anteater?

You're born with a built in straw!

Your nose is so big that when you sneeze...

You could use it as a jet pack!

Your nose is so big that when you sneeze...

Everyone runs for cover!

Your nose is so big...

It's got it's own centre of gravity!

Your nose is so big that when you lie on your back in the pool...

People think it's a shark!

An anteater walks into a bar. 'Having a nice day?' asks the barman? 'Noooooooo, noooooo, noooooo!' Says the anteater. 'Why the long nos?' asks the barman

'It's always been like this' says the anteater

How do anteaters walk into restaurants?

Nose first!

What's worse than having a big nose?

Having a big nose and tiny hands!

Why do anteater's never get colds?

Because their noses are full of anty-bodies!

Did you hear about the giant who had a nose bleed?

It was all over town!

What's got a giant nose, flies, but can't smell?

A plane!

What's the worst thing about having a big nose?

Birds are always perching on it!

What's the best thing about having a big nose?

You're the first to know when dinner's ready!

What do you call an elephant with a really long nose?

A smelephant!

Why was the man with the big nose sad?

He could really smell his feet!

How do you stop an elephant from smelling?

Tie a knot in his trunk!

A brown monkey with its hand over its mouth

Why was the big nose happy?

It always got picked!

Why do gorillas have big nostrils?

Because they have big fingers!

Why can't your nose be 14 inches long?

Because then it would be a foot!