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20 Ketchup Jokes & Puns Direct From The Sauce!

Struggling for Jokes? Try to ketch-up with these hilarious ketchup jokes

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  August 19th 2022

These tomato ketchup jokes come direct from the sauce, but are you quick witted enough to ketchup with our quick fire puns and jokes. They’re all a bit saucy but only in a good way!

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Why did Ketchup fail his final year in condiment school?

He couldn’t pass Mustard!

Why is Ketchup like a mathematician?

They both need pi!

Why did the Ketchup Chef swear?

He stubbed his tomato!

My Dad asked me to put ketchup on the shopping list.

Now I can't read anything!

The ketchup shortage of 2020 was predictable…

With Heinz sight it shouldn’t have happened!

What is a tomato’s favourite lolly?


What did Ketchup shout before bunjee jumping!


Why was mustard racing ketchup?

It was weiner takes it all!

A hot dog

Why was ketchup red?

It saw the salad dressing!

I dropped a bottle of ketchup on my foot…

It caused pain to-ma-toes!

If tomatoes are fruit...

Ketchup is a smoothie!

What do you give an over-heating pug?

Ketchup. It’s the best thing for a hotdog! 

I missed the documentary on TV about condiments...

I guess I’ll have to watch it on ketch up!

Chutney was looking forward to replacing Ketchup in the fridge…

You could say he relished the opportunity!

Did you hear about the Giant Gorilla Ketchup?

It’s a Kongdiment!

How did the mayo ask the ketchup out?

He mustard up the courage!

What do you call tomato sauce on the floor?


Ketchup’s hard to pour…

But once it get’s going it’s got a lot condimomentum

Why is a ketchup bottle like a waterbut?

It needs a tap on the bottom!

Did you hear about the salad race?

The tomato had to ketchup!

What’s Moriah Elizabeth’s favourite thing to put on chips?


What happens after you rub ketchup in your eyes?

You feel silly in Heinz sight!