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Burger Jokes

Don't get in a pickle - you'll be sure to relish these saucy burger jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  July 21st 2021

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Did you hear about the man who got ill from eating a horse burger?

He's in a stable condition!

Where do burgers go to dance?

The meatball!

What was Shakespearae's favourite burger?

The McBeth!

Have you heard about the new Wookie burger?

Its a bit Chewie!

Have you seen the new fish burger from McDonald's?

Goldfish looking at a laptop with a picture of a fish on the screen

It's called the McKerel!

Where do monkeys go to get their fast food?

A smiling monkey

Burger Kong!

What is a burger’s favorite day?


A cheese burger walks in to a bar...

"Sorry! We don't serve food in here!"

What do bees eat for lunch?

A grinning bee wearing green sunglasses


I just saw James Bond making burgers!

Turns out he has a licence to grill!

What type of burger isn't allowed on the titanic?

Ice burgers!

How did the burger introduce his new girlfriend?

Meet Patty, everyone!

What's a hamburger chef's favourite guitar chord?

Beef flat!

What do you call a burger bar at the bottom of the sea?

Scuba Diving

A scuba diner!

Why did Dracula order a burger?

Dracula eating a burger

He just fancied a quick bite!

What do you get when you cross a computer and a burger?

A big Mac!

I asked the librarian if I could have a burger and chips. They said: "this is a library!"

book jokes

So I whispered: "can I have a burger and chips?"

What do penguins eat for lunch?


What do snowmen eat for lunch?

Iceburgers with chilly sauce!

What do you get if you cross a cheetah with a burger?

Fast food!