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This is the Biggest Collection of Breakfast Jokes… Ever!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 20th 2022

These funny breakfast jokes will really set you up for the day!

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This is the Biggest Collection of Breakfast Jokes... Ever!

Take a crack at these hilarious breakfast jokes, they're sure to wake up your funny bone!

What do polar bears have for breakfast?


What can you never eat for breakfast?


Why do the French only have one egg for breakfast?

One egg is un-oeuf!

What does a tightrope walker have in the mornings?

A balanced breakfast!

What does Salvador Dali have for breakfast?


What do dogs have for breakfast?

Pooched eggs!

What does a penguin have for breakfast?

Ice krispies!

Why did the restaurant keep firing pancake flippers?

They had a high turnover rate!

Why should you never have breakfast in bed?

Because you should have it on a plate!

What do cats have for breakfast?

Mice krispies!

Why did bacon and eggs get thrown out of the bar?

They didn't serve breakfast!

What does a thesaurus have for breakfast?

Synonym buns!

Never stay in a haunted French B&B...

It will give you the crepes!

What do crows have with their breakfast?


What do cows have for breakfast?


How does Reece eat her cereal?


Why was the coffee upset?

It got mugged!

What does a snowman have for breakfast?


What's scary and loves breakfast?

A cereal killer!

What does Peter Pan have for breakfast?

Pan cakes!