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20 Bacon Jokes Which Absolutely Sizzle With LOLZ!

These jokes will bring the bacon home!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 10th 2021

For some people, bacon is the undisputed champion of the breakfast table. For that reason alone, we've rounded up some of the tastiest jokes known to mankind.

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Where did the wizard bacon go to school?


What does a pig say on a hot day?

I’m bacon!

A laughing rasher of bacon

What did the bacon do after school?

Their ham-work!

How did the bacon go to the hospital?

In a ham-bulance!

What did the farmer say to the selfish pig?


How is bacon like southern Europe? 

It's got a lot of Greece in it!

Why did the bacon buy a suit?

They wanted to look pretty crisp!

Why did the slice of bacon laugh?

Because an egg cracked a yolk!

What time does bacon go to bed?

Swine o’ clock!

What is the smartest type of bacon?


What did the pig say to their girlfriend? 

Don't go bacon my heart!

Why weren't the bacon and egg allowed in the cafe?

They wouldn’t serve breakfast!

Why was the butcher sacked? 

For bringing home the bacon!

Why did the pig go into the kitchen? 

They felt like bacon a cake!

What's a pig's favourite TV show?

The Great British Bacon Off!

What is Kermit the Frog's favourite crisp flavour?

Croaky bacon!

A laughing green faced emoji

Why did the pig sigh?

They were really boar-d!

What do you get if you cross Oliver Twist with a rasher of bacon?

A pigpocket!

What do you call a piece of bacon from Scotland?


What do you call a dinosaur covered in bacon?

Jurassic Pork!

Green T Rex