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20 VR Jokes That Are Unreal-ly Funny!

Lose yourself in this mind-bendingly funny list of the 20 most hilarious virtual reality gags and jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 24th 2024

Strap on your headset and have a laugh at these 20 wheezingly-funny VR jokes! If you like laughter, gaming, or technology then these are the gags for you! And if you want more gaming gags, we have lots more where this list came from!

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Ok, well back to reality, or errr... virtual reality!

What do you call a VR company which is run by a sea creature?

Octopus Rift!

I read a book instead of playing VR

It was a novel experience!

I want to create a VR girl/boyfriend simulator

I shall call it, E-Bae!

Did you hear about that VR headset made out of solid gold?

It shows you an Augmented reality!

I downloaded a VR app to simulate throwing a boulder in the sea...

..but I can’t use it, it’s still syncing!

Stone rock

I really love the immersiveness of VR headsets...

It helps you get your head in the game!

Whenever I go near my bed in VR it moves 4 feet into the wall...

It must be a bed bug!

I can't believe how far virtual reality has come in my lifetime

Its unreal!

Asked my son if he and his friends were playing the latest Virtual Reality game

Son: VR!

Did you hear about Apple's new VR headset?

They're called the iGlasses!

Did you hear about VR for Cows?

It’s a moooood enhancer!

What do you call a virtual reality raft?

Oculus Drift!

Why did the unicyclist give up on virtual reality?

It was Two Wheelistic!

Bike Jokes Thumbnail
Bike Jokes Thumbnail

I called the UPS office in Germany to ask if they were sending out my Oculus Rift

They said VR ready!

It’s crazy, all these people running these races in VR, starting all over the place

Where do we draw the line?

I told a joke through VR

It wasn’t really funny!

Why is Santa really looking forward to VR?

Because of all his Christmas Presence!

Did you hear about the VR pet dog?

All byte, no bark!

2020 was a good year, I did virtually everything!

Sorry, I meant, I did everything virtually.!

Hilarious jokes
Hilarious jokes

How easy is it to find somewhere to swim in VR?