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20 Tekken Jokes For Comedy Kings of Iron Fist

These lightning fast gaming gags will knock you into next week! You'll be Bryan Fury-ous if you miss out on them!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 4th 2024

Now a classic fighting game might not sound like the funniest thing ever... but with characters like Kuma the bear, King the Jaguar and Panda the... Panda, you might just be in for a surprise! So enter the ring and see if you can last a full round with these 20 knockout Tekken jokes!

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3... 2... 1... LAUGH!

Tekken’s soundtrack is Swedish classical music

But Mortal Kombat prefers Finnish Hymns!

What should Panda’s special move be?


Raven is too ill to be in the next Tekken game

He’s got CROVID-19!

Why is Tekken the funniest game?

There are lots of punchlines!

Kuma walks into the ring after waiting for 5 minutes. Why the long pause?

He was born with them!

Why does King always win at gambling?

He’s a cheetah!

True Ogre always does his special move straight away

He’s famous for ogre-reacting!

I had an idea for a fighting game...

But turns out, it was tekken!

Did you know True Ogre writes sonnets?

They call him Shrekspeare!

What do you call Kuma when he’s lost all his teeth?

A gummy bear!

What happens when Geese Howard bangs his head?

He gets goose bumps!

Did you hear Panda beat King?

It was a cat-astrophe!

Bryan Fury has been hitting the gym for years

Really hurt his fist. Barely made a dent!

What kind of style does the new rabbit character in Tekken have?

Hare knuckle boxing!

Dracula got mad at Frankenstein while they were playing Tekken

"He vouldn't stop doing the mash!"


Did you hear about the cake who was great at Tekken?

Everyone wanted a piece of him!

2 beat 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 at Tekken

Against all odds!

There are lots of really cheesy new Tekken characters

It’s a fromage fray!

Disney has made a new fighting arcade game

It’s Tekken the Mickey!

What is Kuma’s favourite kung-fu star?