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20 Donkey Kong Jokes That Are A Barrel of Laughs

Quit monkeying around and grab a bunch of these hilarious, tree-swinging Donkey Kong jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 24th 2024

Are you a big Nintendo fan? These 20 Donkey Kong jokes are Super Smash-ing! Read on to find out why Donkey Kong uses a toothbrush, why his fingers are so big... and plenty more ridiculous gaming rib-ticklers!

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Let's limber up those laughing muscles, it's Donkey Kong joke time!

Why was Donkey Kong's fruit bowl smelling?

It was beginning to DK!

What's the difference between Matthew Broderick and Donkey Kong?

One's a furious barreller, the other's Ferris Bueller!

Donkey Kong has joined the army...

He specializes in Gorilla warfare!

What do you call a Donkey Kong game in the Great Depression?

The Apes of Wrath!

Why does Donkey Kong brush his teeth?

To prevent tooth DK!

What did Donkey Kong say when Mario asked him for help with schoolwork?

"I D K!"

Why does Donkey Kong have such big fingers?

Because they have such big nostrils!

How do you fix a broken Donkey Kong game?

A monkey wrench!

Where does Donkey Kong sit?

Wherever he wants!

Did you hear Donkey Kong finds a girlfriend in the new movie?

Apparently it'll be a rom-kong!

What do you get when Donkey Kong sits on your best friend?

A Flat Mate!

What do you call Donkey Kong with a banana in each ear?

Whatever you want, he can't hear you!

Saw a random Donkey Kong poster today

I DK what it meant!

Why does Donkey Kong wear a tie?

He has important monkey business to attend to!

I share an Amazon account with Donkey Kong

We’re Prime mates!

What do you call Donkey Kong with a bomb?

A baboom!

What kind of martial arts is Donkey Kong good at?


Donkey Kong goes into a bath: “Oooh oooh aaah aaah!”

Calm down, it’s not that hot!

Clean feet in a bath

Where does Donkey Kong go to work out?

The jungle gym!

How does Donkey Kong go on holiday?

In a hot air baboon!