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20 Royal Family Jokes That Take the Crown

Have a right, royal guffaw at these hilarious Royal Family Jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 13th 2023

Princes, Dukes, Queens and Heirs Apparent… They’re all part of the British Royal Family, and we hope they’ve got a good sense of humour because comedians would play a princely sum to get their hands on theseeRoyal Family Jokes. They’re the crown jewels of the comedy world, and we’re not joKing… One is VERY amused!

*This page also features jokes about Knights of the Realm who aren’t technically Royal but we think that’s splitting heirs!

What’s the difference between Prince Charles and a frisbee?

One is heir to the throne the other is thrown in the air!

When they play Musical chairs at Prince George’s birthday…

They call it Game of Thrones!

What does the Queen eat with chips?

Buckingham Plaice!

What did the Queen do after burping?

Issue a Royal Pardon!

What happens after the Prince Harry does a poo?

A royal flush!

Why did Prince Charles goto the dentist?

To get his teeth crowned!

What do you call the royal family when they’re skiing up the Alps?

High Society!

I heard when Prince George was born he was a delivered late!

Typical Royal Male.

Prince Charles is the wicket keeper…

Camilla Parker Bowls!

A cricket bat and ball

Why can’t Meghan Markle go to Starbucks anymore? 

They don't serve royal-tea!

Someone farted when they knelt to be knighted by the queen…

It was a noble gas!

What’s the difference between Prince Charles and a naked mole rat?

One is the heir apparent and the other has no hair apparent!

What do you call a Royal doing an ollie?

Princess Skate!

What do Republicans listen to on the iBuds?

Royalty free music!

Who is the heaviest member of the British royal family?

The Prince of Whales!

Why was the Queen sleepy?

She had too many sleepless Knights!

Where does the Queen keep her armies?

Up her sleevies!

Last year the Queen knighted one person too many…

It was Sir Plus!

Did you hear about the royal who’s exactly twelve inches tall?

They say he’ll be a great ruler!

Today the Royal baby name is finally revealed

What sort of name is "finally revealed"?