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Lockdown Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Rules?

Do you have the lowdown on lockdown?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Lockdown Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Rules?


Which lockdown is this?


What should you always wear when you go outside?


What's the right distance to stay away from someone if they're not in your household?


Which of these websites provide free fun activities, quizzes and learning resources?


Your drop some groceries off outside your nans house. She comes to the door and wants a big old hug - what do you do?


Which of these are NOT legitimate reasons to be out of the house?


How long should you wash your hands for after being outside?


If you live in England, which of these places should you travel to?


Your nan's finally got her first vaccination dose! Can you hug her now? 


Will this go on forever?

Wow, full marks! You're a lockdown legend! The government should look to you for advice! great work!

Well done! You're pretty confident about the lockdown rules! You set a good example to everyone!

You know one or two rules but you're not as clued up as you could be! Have another go and you'll know what's what in no time.

Oh no! You need to brush up on your knowledge on lockdown rules! But don't worry - just take the quiz again and you'll learn the rules in no time!