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Love Soft Stuff? Then Check Out These Super Squishie Vending Machines

Got a room full of squishes and don't know where to keep them? Then you want to get yourself a vending machine! Check out what these guys have done...

So, you finally got your hands on a super slow rising squishie to add to your collection? Well, now you’ve got to find somewhere to keep it! So where’s it gonna go? 

Do you keep it with the rest of your kawaii collectables? 

Or maybe you could store it in-between your Soft ‘N’ Slo squishies

Or how about somewhere alongside your Smiggles and your Smooshy Mushy selection?

Well, we think the best place would be in your very own, homemade vending machine.

And don’t worry if you don’t know which one would suit your squishies best, because we’ve searched the Internet to bring you some of the best squishie vending machines on offer!

So take a seat, settle down and get ready to get seriously squishie!