The Ultimate Luigi Quiz

How much do you know about Mario's brother Luigi? Take-a this quiz to find out-a!

Image by Super Mario Odyssey | Nintendo

What's the missing word?

Luigi is __ than Mario.

Image by Super Mario | Nintendo
Image by Super Mario | Nintendo

What letter does Luigi have on his hat?

Image by Nintendo Life | Nintendo

Luigi gets scared more easily than Mario. True or false?

Image by Nintendo

Both Mario and Luigi are plumbers - but Mario specialises in pipes whilst Luigi prefers toilets. True or false?

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Which of these have you been using in the past week to keep in touch with friends....

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Image by Nintendo

Luigi is in the first ever Mario game, Donkey Kong. Is that true? Or a big old steaming lie?

Image by Nintendo

When Mario puts on his tanooki suit he turns into Raccoon Mario. What does Luigi turn into?

Image by Nintendo

Who is Waluigi?

Image by Nintendo via giphy

Is Luigi older or younger than Mario?

Image by Luigi's Mansion 3 | Nintendo

Finish the name of this series of games. 


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