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Make A Clothes Peg Catapult in 10 Minutes – It’s So Beano!

Turn laundry into a laugh!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 7th 2017

To make this awesome catapult, you'll need two clothes pegs (the kind with a spring), some glue, a screw-off bottle top, a lollipop stick, a sheet of card or foam board, and some ammo to launch at your victims!

Step 1

Grab the card, glue and the clothes pegs. Glue one peg to the card then glue the second peg on top, as in the picture.

Step 2

Glue the bottle top to the lollipop stick. Make sure it's upside-down so it makes a cup for your ammo to sit in.

Step 3

Now glue the lollipop stick to the top peg.

Step 4

When all the glue has dried, you're ready to rock! Pop some ammo in the cup (wet, scrunched-up toilet paper works well), pull the stick down and fire away!