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Make Your Own Squishy!

Have you ruined your squishy with your unbelievable power hands? Well, here's how to make a brand new one.

Squishing squishies is scientifically the best way to get rid of all the gross stress that stinks up your brain and body. While it does wonders for you, it can be pretty hard on the squishy! Then you have to ask your parents for a new one, or you have to take a part time job as a professional wrestler to earn enough dough to get one yourself!

OR…you could just make one! It’s actually super easy. Just watch Ed and follow his instructions and you’ll be back to squishing in no time at all.

All you need are these things (that you can probably find lying around the house someplace)…


Just make sure no one needs it to make a cake with it first!

A Balloon

Because it’s pretty much impossible to have fun without a balloon!

Thin card or paper

You could even use an old magazine or something!

Wool or something that looks like hair

If you can’t find anything – you could make a paper hat instead!

Marker Pen

Try and find one that hasn’t run out of ink!

Glue or sellotape

Basically just find something sticky!

Googly eyes

For optional optical fun!


Because you’re definitely going to make a lovely mess