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You'll be Made Up If You Get 10/10 On This Makeup Aesthetic Quiz!

Softgirl? Fairycore? 80's Goth? Are these words gibberish to you or do you know all about makeup aestethics? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 7th 2022

There are so many new trends and ideas constantly appearing it's hard to keep track. But if you're obsessed with makeup and want to always look exactly how you want (whatever that might be), it's important to keep up to date. So test your knowledge of makeup aestethics with this stylish quiz and find out if you've really been paying attention!

So how's about it? Think you can get full marks? Let's find out!

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What kind of things might someone who likes the soft girl aesthetic wear?


What is "E-girl" short for?


What kind of makeup do you put on first?


What kind of aesthetic might involve using makeup to look like an elf?


What does contouring do?


Clean girl makeup is supposed to look... what?


What kind of makeup aesthetic might you see at a comic convention?


The preppy aesthetic has... what?


Taylor Swift is an inspiration for which aesthetic?


Which of these is NOT a real type of goth makeup aesthetic?

Ouch! This is awkward! You'd better wipe your face clean and try again! Do you know where you went wrong? Never mind - there are plenty more makeup and fashion quizzes out there for you to try. Ready for your next quiz challenge?

Pretty good! You missed out on a fair few right answers though so might be worth having another go. You can definitely do better next time! And if you don't fancy it that's OK - we have loads more makeup and fashion quizzes for you to try! Better luck next time!

Woah! Great score! Really well done! This quiz was clearly too easy for someone as good looking as you! You didn't quite bag 100% though which is a shame - but we bet you can beat this score on one of our other makeup and fashion quizzes!

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Contour-riffic! This is an amazing score! You've absolutely nailed it! Well done! No improvements here - but let's find out if you can match this score on a different fashion and makeup quiz. We have plenty more!