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Only Book Worms Will Ace this Marcus Sedgwick Quiz!

How well do you know the bestselling author?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 21st 2023

Marcus Sedgwick was a bestselling children's author, best known for his books Floodland and My Swordhand is Singing, as well as the series Raven Mysteries and Elf Girl and Raven Boy. He wrote a lot about magic, friendship and adventure, and won a lot of awards for his writing. Unfortunately Marcus passed away this year. He leaves behind a legacy of amazing writing - if you've never read anything by him, ask at your local library! If you're a fan, see how you do in this book quiz. Don't forget to check out some more book-related fun - find out what you should read next, or laugh your head off with our library jokes!

1/10 A dolphin and a submerged road

What's the name of his 2000 debut novel?

2/10 A girl smiling at a question mark

What's the main character's name?

3/10 A crow staring at you for the answer

What's the first book in the Elf Girl and Raven Boy series called?

4/10 A person cupping a ball of magical light

What's Raven Boy's special power?

5/10 A couple of people enjoying a cup of tea in an old house

What's the name of the strange family in the Raven Mysteries?

6/10 A raven

And what's the name of the raven in the title?

7/10 A child looking into a magical book

Marcus wrote a picture book retelling of a famous Hans Christian Anderson story - which one?

8/10 A genie, a bat and a fire breathing dragon

What fantasy creatures are featured in My Swordhand is Singing?

9/10 A globe

What country is Blood Red, Snow White set in?

10/10 A smiling emoji and a swirling clock

Marcus wrote a Doctor Who story called The Spear of Destiny. Which Doctor starred in it?

Result: Try again

Oh no! Maybe re-read your face Marcus Sedgwick books and give it another go!

Result: Not bad

Pretty good! You're clearly a bit of a fan. Maybe re-read your face Marcus Sedgwick books and see if you can bring your score up!

Result: Good job

Great, you know your stuff! Maybe re-read your face Marcus Sedgwick books and give it another go!

Result: Total expert

Wow, you're the expert! Well done! You're probably Marcus Sedgwick's biggest fan!