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20 Library Jokes That Are Bound To Make You Laugh

Are you a bona-fide bookworm? We're shhhhhhh-ure you'll enjoy these lol-worthy library jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 10th 2021

These novel library jokes not quite your cup of tea? No wrries! We've got plenty more where these came from - we've got lunch jokes, dinosaur jokes, or even the BEST JOKES of 2021! ANnd while we've got your attention - don't forget to check out our main jokes page and our World Famous* Joke Generator!

*It's not that famous really. Yet.

"Have you got any books on turtles?" asked the boy to the librarian.

"Hard back?" "Yes, with little heads."

What do Turkish librarians eat for lunch?

Shhh kebabs!

What does a librarian say when they hear a bad joke?


What's a cat's favorite book?

The Prince and the paw-purr!

What has a spine, but no bones?

A book!

What's a snakes favourite part of the library?

The hisssssssss-tory section!

What do you call a book that's about the brain?

A mind reader!

What do you call a teacher who never farts in the library?

A private tutor!

Where does the library keep books about Big Foot?

In the large print section!

Why did the ghost keep coming back to the library?

He went through his books too quickly!

Why did the librarian fall over?

She was in the non-friction section!

Why can't you get into the World's biggest library?

It's always overbooked!

What do you call a fox in a library?

Well red!

Why did the chicken leave the library saying 'book, book book'?

Because that's the noise chickens make!

Man: Could I buy some chocolate biscuits? Librarian: This is a library!

Man: (whispers) Could I buy some chocolate biscuits?

What did the frog say when he went to the library?

A selection of hard backed books

Reddit! Reddit! Reddit!

I went to the library to get a medical book on abdominal pain.

book jokes

But someone had pulled the appendix out!

Which building is the tallest?

The library ... it has the most stories!

Where do library books like to sleep?

A pile of books having a nap

Under their covers!

Why did the bird fly into the library?

Because he was looking for bookworms!