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Mario Is No Longer A Plumber!

The world's most famous plumber isn't a plumber anymore, so what does anything even mean?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 7th 2017

Crazy news about Mario!

Ninty have just released a profile of him, and according to that (or what we could make out), he's not a plumber anymore! Time for Beano to dig a little deeper…


Hang on, he's been a plumber for 34 years…

Ever since the very excellent 1983 game Mario Bros. Ask your grandad.


…but now his profile says he USED to be a plumber.

And now he's into sports and "anything cool". Man's gotta pay the bills somehow though, right?

Super Mario

He could be a cab driver.

Hey, he's had plenty of experience in Super Mario Kart.

Mario Kart

And there was a game years ago where he was a doctor.

This is Dr Mario. It was okay… But what other jobs could Mario do? We had a think…

Dr Mario

He could deliver pizzas!

"You want some mushrooms on that?"


Or teach kids like YOU!

"Hi kids, open your text book at Drainpipes…"


Or he could be a dentist!

(This is terrifying. Never do it again - Ed)


He could be an MMA fighter...

We may be going a bit weird now


Actually, ignore all that - look how cool he looks as a firefighter!

He could put out Bowser's flame breath!