Max and Harvey Double Trouble - Can You Tell The Twins Apart?

Are you a Max and Harvey superfan? Or are you actually Max and Harvey? Either way, you’ll have to use your top detective skills to solve this confusing quiz!

Image by @maxandharvey | Instagram

Max and Harvey love making music, but which one of them have we turned into a guitar?

Image by @maxandharvey | Instagram

Everyone loves slime, but who's actually BEING slime in this picture?

Image by @maxandharvey | Instagram

Max and Harvey are in a field of their own, and so is this scarecrow. But which one is it?

Image by @maxandharvey | Instagram

Okay, this time we've zoomed in on, er, Max? Or is it Harvey?

Image by @maxandharvey | Instagram

Let's be honest - who wouldn't want to be a whoopee fusion? But which one of the two twins is this?

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Image by @maxandharvey | Instagram

Max and Harvey's music career is going full steam ahead, just like this trip. But whose face is on the front?

Image by @maxandharvey | Instagram

One of the twins loves to eat waffles - so we stuck him on one! But who is it?

Image by @maxandharvey | Instagram

Another zoomed in face here. Is it Max again? Or is it Harvey again?

Image by @maxandharvey | Instagram

Everyone loves grapes, right? But do you love them enough to actually become one, like Max our Harvey? So which one is this?

Image by @maxandharvey | Instagram

And finally, who doesn't want to be an elephant's bum? Well, we certainly would, but is it Max or Harvey on the bottom of this beast?


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