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The Ultimate Minnie Mouse Quiz!

Test your knowledge of Minnie in this ultimate quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 1st 2021

The Ultimate Minnie Mouse Quiz!

1/8 Mouse in grass and moss

What year did Minnie first appear?

2/8 Disney World

What pattern is on Minnie's dress?

3/8 Mouse on white background

Who was the original voice of Minnie?

4/8 White duck on white background

Who is Minnie's boyfriend?

5/8 Mouse on white background

What's Minnie's full name?

6/8 Two mice on white background

True or false; Minnie has two nieces called Millie and Melody?

7/8 Kitten on grey background

What pet does Minnie have?

8/8 Mickey Mouse star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame

What did Minnie recive on January 22, 2018?

Wow, you love Minnie! You must be a world expert in all things Minnie Mouse!

Well done, Minnie would be very impressed!

Not bad, but you could do better! Have another go and see if you score any higherΒ 

Oh no! Looks like someone's Minnie trivia isn't quite up to scratch yet! Nevermind, have another go!