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Monkey Noodles Quiz

Monkey Noodle see, Monkey Noodle do! But can you beat this quiz?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 6th 2024

These squishy, stretchy toys have taken the world by storm so it’s about time to show off how much you know about these soft little wiggly wigglers! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it and see how well you can do!


What are Monkey Noodles made of?


What is the longest the biggest noodle can stretch?


Which of these colours CAN’T you get in Monkey Noodle form?


What happens once you shape the noodle?

5/10 Potatoes

Monkey Noodles are great for fidgeting, which of these ISN’T a fidget toy?

6/10 Minnesota map

Noodles are a very popular type of food, but where do they come from?

7/10 A man eating spaghetti bolognese

What is the main rule of Monkey Noodles?


Monkey Noodles are amazing toys, but when were they invented?


What is the normal size of an unstretched noodle?


Your friend has lost their noodle, what is the nicest thing to do?

Oopsie! Maybe this isn’t quite the quiz for you! But don't worry, why not try again and see if you can score a bit better a second time around? These quizzes aren’t the easiest thing in the world, especially when it comes to a topic like the world famous Monkey Noodle! So stretch like a noodle and prepare for round two!

Way to go! You're getting better and better and it’s clear that you know your noodles! Keep it up and see if you can stretch the limits of your brain just like those noodles! If you feel ready, give the quiz another try and let’s see if you can get full marks on the quiz! You’ve got this!

Wow! You're amazing! There’s no noodle knowledge that is beyond you - excellent work! You’re clearly the noodle expert, so much so that when the other noodlers don’t know what to do, they call on you! It’s noodle time! But if you think you can get full marks on this quiz, maybe it’s time to try it again?! You were incredibly close last time, why not stretch your mind just a little bit more!?

Boom! You're a Noodle legend! Your brain is so elastic and flexible there isn’t a single thing about Monkey Noodles that you don’t know! It’s like you’ve joined with the noodle and taken on a shared brain! Give yourself a high five for being so awesome! Glory and legend status are yours, and you can tell your friends that you’ve got the knowledge of a champion! But now that’s settled, why not check out some of the other quizzes and see if you can smash those too!