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Monopoly Connections Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

What have Mo Salah and stringy things got to do with Monopoly? Solve these cryptic quiz questions to find out!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  November 29th 2021

It's a classic Christmas game, but can you work out how the board is connected to these tricky quiz questions? You'll have to really pull it out of the hat to get full marks on this one!

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Which train station on the Monopoly board does Harry Potter take to get to Hogwarts?


What place on the Monopoly board shares its name with a spy movie?


What place on the Monopoly board sounds most like this delicious pickled goo?


Which street shares it's name with a video app that used to exist in the olden days before TikTok?


What's the STRINGIEST place on the Monopoly board?

@mosalah | instagram

If Monopoly train stations were football teams, which one would Mo Salah play for?


Which is the ONLY place in Monopoly that's South of the River Thames?

@disneypixar | giphy

Guess the Monopoly destnation from this gif!


Fleet Street and Pall Mall both rhyme. There's one more like this! True or false?


Which spot on the Monopoly board shares it's name with a region in the North of England?

Uh oh! This is awkward! Quick - try another quiz before the Monopoly man finds out!

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