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Monster Cards: What Does Your Future Hold?

Our Monster Cards will predict your future. What exciting things will you be doing in the years to come?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/8 Mystic Banana

Ah, the first card is the Mystic Banana – the card of fate and luck. What would you say your lucky colour is?

2/8 Goblin Cat

The next card is the Goblin Cat, the card of fortune. If you were given some extra pocket money, what would you spend it on?

3/8 Batbat

You've chosen the Batbat card, which can predict the future. What sweet do you think you'll get from this jar?

4/8 Multicorn

Ooh, it's the Multicorn. This card is associated with skill, creativity... and biscuit crumbs. What biscuit would you like?

5/8 Gym Frog

It's the Gym Frog! We say the word animal, what do you immediately think of?

6/8 Teenage Wolf

The next card is the Teenage Wolf, who loves sports and trivia. What's your favourite sport?

7/8 Haunted Bedsheet

The Haunted Bedsheet wishes it could be Halloween every day. What's your favourite time of year?

8/8 Creepy Toilet

Your final card is the Creepy Toilet, which clearly smells awful. What's your favourite fragrance?



The cards suggest that you'll be very active and take part in lots of sports. You might even be in the Olympics or something one day!



We've examined the cards and it looks like you'll become a prank champion, if that kind of thing exists. And you're a puppy, by the looks of it!



The cards suggest that paint and canvas figure heavily in your future. That's probably because you're creative and have lots of great ideas!



You love to try new types of food and are something of a wizard when it comes to making amazing meals. The cards suggest you'll be a famous chef!



The cards say you'll work in the world of science. You might do experiments or become a doctor or a nurse!



We knew that sweet, sweet tunes would be in your future! What will you play? Well, that's up to you!



We see lots of crafts in your future. Will you become an Etsy legend with your artistic skills and eye for a knitting pattern?

Cakey bakey


From your cards, we can tell that your future will look like an episode of the Great British Bake Off! Your tools of the trade will be spatulas, whisks and those bags they use to ice cakes. Awesome!