The Ultimate Halloween Monster Quiz!

So, you think you know everything about Halloween monsters? Dare you take this spooky quiz?


Image by Wikimedia Commons

Who created this chap?  

Image by Teen Wolf | Producers: Thomas Coleman, Mark Levinson, George W. Perkins, Michael Rosenblatt, Scott M. Rosenfelt | Director: Rod Daniel | Atlantic Releasing Corporation

Werewolves are also called...


The mummy originated in which country?


Vlad III Dracula had a particularly gruesome nickname. Can you tell us what it was for another point?

Image by The Nightmare Before Christmas | Producers: Tim Burton, Denise Di Novi | Director: Henry Selick | Touchstone Pictures, Skellington Productions, Walt Disney Pictures

Who is this character from The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Totally Random Question

How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.

How do you become a zombie?

Image by Ghostbusters (2016) | Producers: Ivan Reitman, Amy Pascal | Director: Paul Feig | Columbia Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures[1]

What's the name of this snotty phantom who appeared in Ghostbusters?

Image by Hocus Pocus | Producer: David Kirschner | Director: Kenny Ortega | Walt Disney Pictures

What is type of transport is preferred by witches?


What is a fear of clowns called?

Image by Giphy

Jack-o-lanterns were used to protect a home from vampires. True or false?  

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