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Can You Guess The Movie Name from the Picture?

Can you guess these movie names just from their pictures?

Can You Guess The Movie Name from the Picture?

1/10 Film still
20 Century Fox | John Hughes | Chris Columbus

Which film is this guy from?

2/10 Film still
Walt Disney | Osnat Shurer | Ron Clements John Musker

Which film features these two pets?

3/10 Film Still
Focus Features | Henry Selick | Bill Mechanic Claire Jennings Henry Selick Mary Sandell

What about him?

4/10 Film Still
Walt Disney | Peter Del Vecho | Ron Clements and John Musker

Which fairy tale does this couple star in?

5/10 Film Still
Walt Disney | t David Hoberman Todd Lieberman | James Bobin

Which film stars this glamorous celeb?

6/10 Film Still
Disney Pixar | Graham Walters | Andrew Stanton

Which film is this a shot from?

7/10 Film Still
Dreamworks, Aardman Animations | Nick Park Steve Box | tClaire Jennings Carla Shelley Peter Lord David Sproxton Nick Park

What film is this monster from?

8/10 Film Still
Toei Company | Hayao Miyazaki

Which film is this cat in?

9/10 Film still
StudioCanal | Paul King | David Heyman

Which move is this band in?

10/10 Film still
Walt Disney | Don Hahn | Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers

Finally, where do we see these zebras?

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Incredible, you can recognise films just from one shot! Brave, 5 stars!

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Well done! You're obviously a film buff!

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Not bad, but you could do better! Try again and see if you notice anything new!

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 Uh oh – someone's got movie blindness – a real medical condition that we just made up. Never mind, have another go!

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