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Uh Oh! Here Comes A Mr Blobby Quiz!

How much do you know about this very weird British TV classic? Test your Mr Blobby knowledge here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 5th 2023

Mr Blobby has been making a mess on British TV for 30 years. Nobody knows why - but he's incredibly popular and never quite seems to go away. Why does he talk like that? Why is he a little bit scary? Who thought this was a good idea in the first place? We don't have the answers to any of those questions, but you can test your knowledge of other snippets of Mr Blobby trivia with this TV quiz!

Blobby blobby blobby blobby!


Let's start off easy! What colour are Mr Blobby's spots?


What old TV show did Mr Blobby first appear on?

Children In Need | BBC

What is Mr Blobby's catchphrase?


What is Mr Blobby most famous for?

Big Breakfast | Channel 4

Who's just about to get ambushed by Mr Blobby in this picture?

Children In Need | BBC

In 1993 Mr Blobby's song "Mr Blobby" topped the Christmas charts. True or false?


People have said his song is... what?


Where does Mr Blobby live?

Children in Need | BBC

Which of these Blobby things isn't real?


The original man inside the Mr Blobby suit was a classically trained Shakespearean actor. True or false?

This Morning | ITV

Well this isn't a very impressive score. Why not....wait... Arrrgh! Nooooooooo! Here comes Mr Blobby! You'd better run! Go and try another TV quiz, quick! Or if you're still not quite blobbed out, you could have another go!

This Morning | ITV

Pretty good! You're no beginner when it comes to Mr Blobby! Well done! You did miss out on a few right answers though - do you know where you went wrong? Have another go and see if you can improve on this sccore - or we have lots of other great TV quizzes if you're all blobbed out!

This Morning | ITV

Amazing score! You're a Mr Blobby expert! We didn't know it was even possoble to score this high on a Mr Blobby quiz! Having said that you didn't quite get 100% - do you know where you went wrong? Let's see if you can beat this score on a different TV quiz!

This Morning | ITV

Unbelievable! You scored a perfect 10/10! Are you from Crinkley Bottom, too? Or could you be Noel Edmonds, even? Because that would be cheating! If not, well done because this is an exceptional score. Do you think you can match this score on a different quiz? Let's find out!