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Magnificently Egyptian Mummies The Movie Quiz

The Mummies are on an adventure into the world of the living! But are you an Egyptian Expert?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 21st 2024

The Mummies have been underground for a very long time, no like, a REALLY long time. But it’s time for them to venture up and above ground and see how the world has changed! So, once and for all, let’s find how much you know about this amazingly ancient film!? Climb the pyramid of knowledge and let’s get down to it!


Where do Mummies come from?

Warner Bros | Jordi Gasull | Juan Jesús García Galocha

What is Thut’s job?


What do the archaeologists steal from the Mummies?


Where do the evil archaeologists take the stolen treasures?


What animal joins their journey?


What is the name of the Egyptian God of the Sun?


What happens when the Mummies are photographed?


What is a Pharaoh?


When was the Great Pyramid built?


What big river runs through Egypt?

Uh oh! This modern world is just a bit too much! So much has changed, we’ve got TVs and flying cars (they’re called helicopters), so it’s okay to be a bit confused by it all! But maybe you need to rewatch this film and see if you can climb the knowledge pyramid a bit higher!?

Alright! Now we’re really getting somewhere, the wheels on your chariot might be a bit wobbly but you’ve gotten over the line! There’s still space to improve though, so why not have another go and see if you score a little bit higher? That Royal Ring isn’t going to rescue itself after all! Let’s go!

Epic! What a score! Worthy of a real Princess and Prince of Ancient Egypt! You know almost everything that there is to know about this film and it shows! You truly must be blessed by the Sun God Ra, it's going to be a great day from here on out! Nice one!

Wow! Incredible, you’ve scored full marks on this quiz, they said it was impossible, but here you are, right at the top of the pyramid of knowledge! Well done! In fact there’s only one way to really congratulate you, and that’s with heiroglyphs… Owl - Reed - Hoop - Bird - Wheel! Epic!