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Musty Quiz For Rocket Legends!

Musty is a household name in Rocket League, have you heard of them?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 3rd 2024

If you think you’ve got the top knowledge when it comes to this famous player then this is the quiz for you - it’s time to test your skills! There’s more to Musty than, y’know, that move, so let’s get into it and test if you’re a super fan, or just a regular Rocket league enjoyer! Have you got what it takes?


What game is Musty famous for playing?


Where is Musty from?


What is the name of the famous trick he invented?


Musty played football as a kid, but what position did he play in?


What is Musty’s real name?


What platform does he play on?


What numbers come after Amustycow?


How does Musty start his videos?


How did he come up with the name?


What crew is Musty part of?

amustycow | YouTube

Oh no! It looks like there’s something seriously lacking! Are you sure you’ve taken the right quiz? This quiz is about that amazing Rocket League player, rather than that weird wet smell when you leave a pile of still damp clothes in the corner! Why not have another try at the quiz and see if you can score better another time around?!

amustycow | YouTube

Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere! You’ve got a really solid knowledge of Musty and his amazing skills with a digital ball. But if you think you can do better, it’s probably worth you having another go - after all, perfection takes practice, so let’s get back into it and see how you do!

amustycow | YouTube

Pow! There it is! Top corner, what a result! There's not much that you don’t know about Musty and his skills in the R-League! Give yourself a pat on the back, you’re one of the few people that know he's more than just a one-flick pony! But if you think you’ve got epic skill levels then why not have one last try and see if you can get full marks?! We’ll be here waiting with your trophy!

amustycow | YouTube

Truly Epic! You’ve smashed it and knocked this quiz so far out of the park it’s ended up bouncing into a game of Fifa instead. The crowd go wild as you lift the Musty Trophy above your head - nobody thought it could be done, but here you are! Crushing it! What a result, enjoy the glory, you’re the Musty Goat!