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My Little Pony Cutie Mark Quiz!

Ever wondered which My Little Pony cutie mark you're most suited to? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 15th 2024

Hello, small steed fans! Are ready to dive into the trivia world of My Little Pony? Then hold your miniature horses, because we've got something awesome for you – the My Little Pony Cuties Quiz!

A what? A 'cutie' is a magical symbol which can be found on their rear legs. These four-hooved heroes earn these marks when they discover what unique personality or skill they have. It's a bit like a tattoo on your uncle when they discovered they were really good at watching the football with their feet up with a cup of tea.

So, are you ready to find out how much you know about My Little Pony Cutie marks? This quiz will tell you if you're a super fan!

1/10 A man waving at a pineapple

What's the first thing that people notice about you?

2/10 A pile of carrots

What type of carrot do you enjoy?

3/10 A student doing their homework

Do you do your homework on time?

4/10 A laughing frog

How would you describe your laugh?

5/10 A small pony

What's your favourite type of pony?

6/10 A goblin

Pick your favourite magical creature!

7/10 People playing a board game

What's your favourite board game?

8/10 A family watching Brainchild
Brainchild | Netflix

What's the best show on Netflix?

9/10 A man holding up a pair of smelly socks

How would you describe the smell of your socks?

10/10 An ice cream

What's your favourite treat?

Twilight Sparkle

Your cutie mark: STARS

This special mark features a group of stars and can be found on Twilight Sparkle!

Rainbow Dash


This special mark features a cloud and a colourful rainbow thunderbolt and can be found on Rainbow Dash!


Your cutie mark: RED APPLES!

This special mark features three crisp, red apples and can be found on Applejack!


Your cutie mark: PINK BUTTERFLIES!

This special mark features three pink butterflies and can be found on Fluttershy!