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Name All The Infinity Stones Quiz!

What colour is time? And what's an aether, anyway? Take this Marvel-ous quiz and find out if you can you name all 6 of the Infinity Stones!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 8th 2022

They're the most powerful objects in the Marvel multiverse, and many a hero and supervillain has tried (and usually failed) to get control of them. But do you know what all the Infinity Stones stand for? What are their nicknames? And would you notice if you found one at the bottom of your sock drawer? Well - lets find out!


What's the blue infinity stone called?


What colour stone represents Reality?


What's the purple stone called?


Which stone is nicknamed The Aether?


Which stone is also known as Vision's Stone?


What's the green stone called?


And which stone is also known as the "temporal singularity"?


Which stone gets called the "stupid orange rock" by Hawkeye?


Which stone would you find inside the Tesseract?


Which of these is another name for the power stone?

Oh no! You couldn't name any of the Infinity Stones! Thanos does not look pleased... You'd better hurry on over to a different Marvel quiz and see if you can get a better score!

Pretty good! Not amazing - but still pretty good! You definitely can pick out a few of the Infinity Stones, but fell short on the trickier questions. Have another go and see where you went wrong?

Very good work! Thi is a great score! You really know those stones! You did JUUST miss out on full marks, but never mind - it happens to the best of us! Try a different quiz and see if you can beat this score?

Woah! You're an Infinity Stones expert! Amazing score - top marks! Thanos is very pleased. Just look at that happy warlord! Now, can you get another high score on a different Marvel quiz?