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Name the Doctor Who Quiz!

Can you tell the difference between these Time Lords from past, present and maybe future? Try our tricky name that Doctor Who quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 23rd 2024

Doctor Who is one of the longest running TV shows ever. So it's not surprising there have been a lot of Doctor Whos! But can you name them all? Even the really old ones? There's only one way to find out - by taking this extra-tricky TV quiz!

Let's hop in the TARDIS and get started!

Doctor Who | BBC | BBC

Who is this recent Doctor Who?


And which recent Doctor wore a long black leather jacket?

Doctor Who | BBC | BBC

Who is this Doctor?


Which classic Doctor Who famously wore a long scarf?

Doctor Who | BBC | BBC

And which Doctor is this?

Doctor Who | BBC | BBC

Who is this classic Doctor?

Doctor Who | BBC | BBC

It's another classic Doctor! But who is it?

Doctor Who | BBC | BBC

Name that Doctor Who!


Which Doctor was the Doctor TWICE?

Doctor Who | BBC | BBC

This is Christopher Ecclestone. What number Doctor was he?

Doctor Who | BBC | BBC

Noooo! Looks like you need to swot up on your Doctor Who knowledge! When you're ready, come back and have another go at this quiz. We're sure you'll be able to score higher next time! Good luck!

Doctor Who | BBC | BBC

Hmm - pretty good! Christopher Ecclestone has seen worse scores than this... but he's probably seen better too. Do you know where you went wrong? Have another go at this quiz and see if you can score higher next time!

Doctor Who | BBC | BBC

Wahoo! Great work! This is a really good score! It's not quite perfect, but it's very, very good. You clearly know a lot about the Doctors, past and present! Now, do you think you can beat this high score on a different TV trivia quiz? We have lots more where this one came from!

Doctor Who | BBC | BBC

Amazing! This is a score fit for a Time Lord! You got every single one right - you must know Doctor Who inside out! Well done - you can't beat this score, but you might be able to match it on a different TV trivia quiz. Up for the challenge? We have lots more!