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Ultimate Hairstyles Quiz: Name The Hairstyle

Think you can spot every haircut under the sun? Well rest a-sheared - there are no short cuts here! Give this fantastic fashion quiz a curl, we're all rooting for you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 15th 2022

Can you spot a comb-over from 20 paces? Do you know a pixie cut when you see one? If you answered maybe to either of those questions you might just be ready for this slick and silly haircut quiz! Well, let's fire up those clippers and get started! Are you ready to find out if you'll make the cut? (Geddit - like haircut?)

Ok... let's go!


What's this haircut called?


And what's this one called?


This one is named after a fish! What could it be?


This one's a bit trickier - but is also something to do with an animal. Any guesses?


And this one?


What kind of tail is this?


What's this?


And this one?


What's this impressive hairdo called?


And finally - what are these?

Yikes! Well this is embarrassing! You'd better swot up on those hairstyles and have another go at this quiz when you're ready! Never mind though - plenty of other quizzes where this one came from!

Pretty decent! Thsi isn't an amazing score though, and we bet you you could probably do better! But don't worry, this isn't a bad score! Feel like having another go and seeing where you went wrong? We've got loads more quizzes where this came from!

Very nicely done! You really do know your hairstyles! Good job - you just missed out on the top spot though, bit of a shame. Can you get 10/10 on a different fashion quiz? Go on - have a go!

Woaooa! Full marks! Incredible work, what an amazing score! You must be a professional hair stylist, right? Well if you want to prove your fashion skills on another quiz, we've got plenty more where this one came from!