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20 Naruto Jokes

Test out these Naru-toe curling jokes and see if you Kan-Get-through them without laughing!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 20th 2024

With farting, fighting and fists, Naruto is one of the funniest anime out there! So why not head to the Land of Fun and fight for your right to laugh, it’ll be anime-zing we promise! When you’re done here, why not have a look at our anime quizzes or maybe even keep it real with our Hokage quiz!?

Knock knock! Who’s there? Naruto? Naruto who?

Naruto go get some ramen!

What does Temari eat for lunch?


What did the frog say to Naruto?

We’ve toad-ally got your back!

Why would Naruto make a bad astronaut?

He’s always throwing stars

Why is Temari always first at Comic Con?

She’s the biggest fan!

Naruto | Pierrot | Disney XD / Toonami

Which Clan are always left on read?

The ‘I Senju a message’ clan!

How do you win Naruto’s heart?


Why is Naruto weaker than Sasuke?

Sasuke does it all single-handedly!

What is Hinata’s favourite drink?


What does Naruto do with fear?

Gives it to others!

Naruto | Pierrot | Disney XD / Toonami

Why do Naruto and Iruka like Ichiraku noodles so much?

Because they’re basically Broth-ers!

Have you heard about Rock Lee’s faster brother?


What do you call a quiet throwing star?

A shhhhhruiken

What does Kawaki make for pudding?


How many Hokage does it take to change a lightbulb?

One - but it’ll take a whole season

Why was Kakashi in hospital?

He had a ninjury!

Why can’t Sasuke wear flip-flops?

Because they’ve got No-ru-toes!

What shoes do shinobi wear?


What did the Shinobi say to the pirate?



Or not Tobi

Studio Pierrot | TV Tokyo