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NerdECrafter Quiz: Which Video Should I Watch?

Just can't decide which NerdECrafter video to check out next? Never seen any of her vids before? Either way, this quiz will help you decide!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 3rd 2023

Oh no - you're totally out of YouTube videos to watch! Don't worry, this quiz will help you find your next obsession! Whether you're a total newbie to NerdECrafter videos, or if you've seen all her vids a million times, this is the quiz for you! Play on to find out... you might just learn something new! And stay around for more YouTuber quizzes - find out which video you should watch next from Danny Aarons, Sam and Colby, or Noelle Kate!


Apart from craft vids, what's your favourite kind of YouTube video?


Choose a summer activity!


Choose a cute animal!


What's your favourite kind of film?


Choose a pizza topping!


What's your favourite kind of craft?


What's your favourite weather?


Which season is your favourite?


Which holiday destination sounds amazing?


Pick a fruit!

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