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Only the Ultimate Menace Has More Than 12 of These Items in Their Room

If you've got 12 of these things in your bedroom, you are a future ultimate menace!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Calling all menaces! In your room, do you have...

1/15 A spooky prank spider?

A rubber spider?

2/15 A fake snake?

A fake snake?

3/15 A stinky sock?

A stinky sock?

4/15 A favourite football?

A favourite football?

5/15 Some chattering gnashers?

Some chattering gnashers?

6/15 A secret stink bomb?

A secret stink bomb?

7/15 A crazy catapult?

A crazy catapult?

8/15 A perfect peashooter?

A perfect peashooter?

9/15 A stack of Beano's?

A stack of Beano comics?

10/15 Some secret sweeties?

Some secret sweeties?

11/15 A dangerous dart?

A dangerous dart?

12/15 A paper airplane?

A paper aeroplane?

13/15 A comfy whoopee cushion?

A comfy whoopee cushion?

14/15 Invisible ink?

Invisible ink?

15/15 A rotten egg?

A rotten egg?

....Not Very Menacing!

....Not Very Menacing! You don't have a much of a stash of pranks, snacks, or anything in between! BORING BEDROOM!

Almost a menace!

Almost a menace! You're close to having the perfect concoction of pranks, snacks, and anything in between!

Ultimate menace!!!

Ultimate menace!!! You have an amazing arsenal of pranks and weapons, all within arms reach. Nice one!