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Only True Fans Can Ace This EastEnders 2022 Quiz!

How well you know the residents of Albert Square and all they've been up to this year? Find out now with this ultimate EastEnders 2022 quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 20th 2022

It's time to find out if you're the ultimate fan of all things EastEnders with this EastEnders 2022 quiz! Can you score 10/10? And if you liked that, check out more TV quizzes here! We've got this Ultimate Friends Trivia Quiz, or why not try this Tricky Stranger Things Quiz!

1/10 Old TV with question marks

As of 2022, how many years has Eastenders been on the TV?

2/10 Phil Mitchell in a wig
EastEnders | BBC Studios | BBC

What was new in 2022?

3/10 Hands in handcuffs with splats

Who got arrested on 10th March?

4/10 EasteEnders
EastEnders | BBC Studios | BBC

Who plays Dana Monroe?

5/10 The Queen Vic
EastEnders | BBC Studios | BBC

Who's the current landlord at the Vic?

6/10 EastEnders
EastEnders | BBC Studios | BBC

Who will be coming back in a flashback episode, played by Jaime Winstone?

7/10 Screaming Beano banana on dotted background

True or false: this will be the first year in the history of the show that no EastEnders character says the word 'banana'?

8/10 EastEnders
EastEnders | BBC Studios | BBC

Who does Bobby Brazier play?

9/10 Map of Thames with splats and question mark

Who left in July?

10/10 EastEnders
EastEnders | BBC Studios | BBC

Who are Ballum?

Lowest result

Noooo! You failed to get a single question about EastEnders right! Never mind, have another go and see if you can do any better!

Try again resilt

You know a bit about EastEnders, but not enough to ace this quiz! Try again and see if you can score any higher!

Well done result

Well done! You're definitely a big Eastenders fan! But can you get 10/10? We think so!

Highest result

Gor blimey! You've done amazing! Everyone down the Vic will be so impressed!