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Which Outnumbered Character Are You Most Like?

Which member of the Brockman family are you most like - are you crazy like Ben, weird like Karen, or sensible like Jake?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 25th 2023

Who doesn't love Outnumbered? When you're not giggling at the hilarious scrapes the Brockman family get into, you're probably wondering which character you're most like! Maybe you're a little bit strange, or maybe you're totally sensible and always on top of everything - or maybe you're a total wild card! This quiz will tell you which character is the most like you - you might just be surprised!

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It's time for a day at the funfair! What are you doing first?


Pick a sandwich!


What's your favourite thing to do at the pool?

Love Story | Taylor Swift |

Pick a popstar!


What's the best day of the week?


Pick an ice cream flavour!


Which Disney villain would be your bestie?


Which exotic animal would you love to have as a pet?


What role do you usually take in a group project in school?


Pick a season!

Outnumbered | Hat Trick Productions | BBC One


You're Jake! You're probably the most sensible person in your friend group, but that doesn't mean you can't get a bit crazy sometimes! You might also be an oldest sibling - at least, you have big oldest sibling energy!

Outnumbered | Hat Trick Productions | BBC One


You're Ben! You're a total wildcard and you love all things weird - you probably enjoy a science experiment or two, as well! You're also a problem solver, even if your solutions aren't always appreciated!

Outnumbered | Hat Trick Productions | BBC One


You're Karen! You're always very honest (maybe TOO honest!), and nobody can get in your way when you want to do something! We bet you have a competitive streak, too!

Outnumbered | Hat Trick Productions | BBC One


You're Pete! You're very sensible and very moral, but you're not always above joining in when things get crazy! You're also a natural leader, and we bet you'd be a great teacher!